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Priscellia Robinson Barrister
 "I shall fight to see that every Client receives Equal Rights and Justice. It is there for every human being. This is the heartbeat of the Law and ingrained within the very Legal System of which I practice. This is my Mission...''  



Priscellia Robinson is a founding member of Queens Court Chambers and Head of Chambers. She is incredibly knowledgeable, effective, fearless yet client-friendly, persuasive and a delight to work with.  


Formerly a Solicitor Advocate, Priscellia was called to the UK Bar in 2015 of which now she practises as a Direct Access Barrister of whom can conduct litigation and is Police Station accredited. 


In December 2019, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (United Nations Human Rights) awarded Priscellia Robinson as a UN Fellow alongside receiving UN training in International Human Rights Law.


While primarily known for her Civil, Human Rights, Immigration and Criminal Law practice, she also has substantial experience in cases involving issues of Public Law, Property Disputes, Landlord & Tenant Law, Education Law and Media & Entertainment Law. Priscellia is recognised for her excellent judgement and leadership qualities and not being frightened to tackle novel and difficult areas of law, or to deal head-on with the more complicated aspects of a case. 


She provides high-quality advice and advocacy in a wide area of law and has developed a substantial practice with Direct Access Clients and Solicitors. Priscellia has acted on behalf of clients in the Crown Court, High Court, First Tier Tribunals, Upper Tribunals, Administrative Court and The Business and Property Court within the Royal Court of Justice.




You may instruct Priscellia in the following areas of work:-


Civil Law, Criminal Law, Education Law, Human Rights Law, Immigration Law, Judicial Reviews, Landlord & Tenant Law, Media & Entertainment Law, Property Disputes Law and Public Law.




Priscellia Robinson also know in the Community as Priscellia "Pyhia" Robinson, is a highly respected Barrister and also known for her Activist work upon legally and factually complex cases. She is fearless and known to leave no stone left unturned. With a meticulous eye for detail, Priscellia has direct experience of dealing with the issues arising out of the Grenfell Tower disaster, Women Rights, the Windrush Scandal, LGBTQ+ Rights, the Jamaica 50 (Jamaican Deportation Charter Flights) plus defending those who have been victims of police brutality, particularly in youth custody. 


Contact Priscellia on 0203 633 8598 or email


A Working Relationship 

Priscellia Robinson work as a Team with our Clients and Solicitors in order to get the best results together. It's the only way she knows! There are times when Priscellia will not be available to accept instructions to due her work availability and busy schedule. If she is not available to accept instructions, she will always attempt to recommend any other Barrister or Solicitor firm. Please note her recommendations are not biding and you should always check that you are happy to instruct such a person or firm. In other words her recommendations can not be relied upon and are only a point of reference. Please always read your terms of business letter.


Please note Priscellia Robinson will not tolerate any abuse in any form, from clients, potential clients or any other. Should any person be deem to do so, she will terminate our professional relationship with them with immediately effect. This includes whether or not the case has concluded.*

* Subject to the BSB Handbook - Code of Conduct

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