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"At Queens Court Chambers we stand for Justice."


At Queens Court Chambers our vision is to see that Justice prevails for all. With traditional values, we are very modern and dynamic as a Chambers. Our approach that is different to most, we never give up on our cases and leave no stone unturned. We work extremely hard to get desired results and work as a team with our Clients and Solicitors. Our Head of Chambers, Priscellia Robinson, strive to remain at the cutting edge of her specialist areas of expertise and is in a unique position to advise upon Human Rights Law based upon her United Nation training. Queens Court Chambers is devoted to ensuring that our Clients are happy and well informed. Our Chambers seeks to ensure our Clients are informed of the different options available to them. We are dedicate to our Community out reach work and Pro Bono work when available. We do not only strive for greatness but for the best possible result for our Clients in line with our values. 

A Working Relationship 

We work as a Team with our Clients and Solicitors in order to get the best results together. It's the only way we know!


Please note we do not tolerate any abuse in any form, from clients, potential clients or any other. Should any person be deem to do so, we will terminate our professional relationship with them with immediately effect. This includes whether or not the case has concluded.*

* Subject to the BSB Handbook - Code of Conduct

To find a Barrister or Ms Priscellia Robinson upon the Barristers' Register page please click here


Here is a short video upon the English Justice System featuring Mr Justice Morgan, Chancery Judge. This video is brought to you by Lily Green Foundation.

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